Our Values

At TETRARCHs, we make sure that we abide by a set of values that we have agreed upon as a team. We are evaluating ourselves and our work against these values.

We are open, transparent and courageous.

We are open and transparent about our research processes, methods and motives. We are courageous in making decisions, using our powers for good. We take responsible actions and are accountable to citizens. We resist the appropriation of our data to make stories that foster harmful narratives, attitudes or behaviours.

We are mindful of our power within the project and use it to empower others.

Each participant has a responsibility to be aware of their own and each other’s power and agency. We are reflexive and accountable, giving credit where credit is due (for ideas, labour and collaborations). We strive to make clear the different levels of potential involvement in our project. We always explain who is offered the opportunity to participate, why they have been offered it, and what that might mean (for them and us) in the short and long term.

We are, and we enable others to be, proficient and efficient.

We uphold high professional standards, collaborating efficiently and ethically across a wide variety of communities. We actively enable, listen to and act on inputs. We work methodically, carefully, and with attention to craft skills, to produce high quality outputs that make digital archaeology better for the world at large.

We always act with dignity, respect and kindness.

We collaborate with patience, kindness and generosity. We work quickly to identify and address harmful behaviours. We strive to create safe, inclusive and empowering spaces, in which we produce data, and enact and develop methods, that benefit anyone who wishes to use them.

We are human-centred, driven by and respecting people’s different ways of thinking.

We recognise that different people have different ways of thinking and ways of doing. We empower communities and collaborators by actively involving them in designing data and facilitating data re-use safely and respectfully. We use inclusive, human-centred research and design, so that we can inspire people to tell just and democratic stories about the past, present and future.

We actively respect and protect the environment.

We are committed to making our world a better place through promoting respectful attitudes to each other and to our environment. We are aware of our carbon footprint. We actively attempt to reduce our harm to the environment. We strive for sustainable and transparent ways of working, following more-than-human design methods.