Archaeological data reuse: who’s doing what?

In the context of the TETRARCHs project, we’re investigating what is needed to make archaeological data more accessible for storytelling.

To better understand how people search for digital resources that allow them to tell stories, and what type of archaeological data these stories contain, we’ve created a short survey. This survey is specifically tailored for archaeological specialists – whether you’re an excavator, a researcher, a technical professional, and educator or anything in that constellation!

You can help us get a clearer picture of search behaviours, which will allow us to improve archaeological data for storytelling. Please could you take a few minutes to fill out our survey? Or perhaps you could help us by spreading the word about it? 

This survey has now closed.

The survey is open until end of day Friday 15 September. If you have any questions, please reach out on – your enquiry will be forwarded to PhD researcher Aida Fadioui.